DCS Retreats

 Boutique accommodation in unique and stunning locations across Australia

Founded by Darren and Vanessa Cole-Sinclair. Their interest and passion for inspiring getaways and beautiful accommodation stem from Darren’s work as an award winning designer, and both Darren and Vanessa’s interest in the outdoors and exploring beautiful places around Australia. This was the inspiration for a journey of creating an exclusive and luxurious accommodation experience, to share with others.

Darren’s expertise in Lifestyle design has meant that all properties under the ‘DCS Retreats’ banner have been location selected, designed and built by Darren, to celebrate this country’s beautiful vistas, beaches, scenery, and forests. 

Each retreat has a carefully considered, flexible floor plan easily allowing the accommodation of several families, a large extended family or groups of friends in privacy, a unique story and utilises cutting edge and sustainable design techniques and materials.

DCS Retreats is unlike any other accommodation found in Victoria – a unique wilderness experience that make the forest surrounds an integral element of the design.